About Bob and Nancy Row


We have been in the bead business for over 10 years. We “morphed” into this business through an earlier business where we sold one-of-a kind hand made rugs from Iran, Pakistan, India, Turkey and Afghanistan. These were primarily village and nomadic rugs.

We love to travel to all the Asian countries and immensely enjoy the food and culture. As part of our travels we started buying textiles, costumes and tribal jewelry. Then we began buying beads. We often seek out the remote, indigenous populations who still wear their original costume and haven’t “converted over” to western styles.

About 10 years ago we started doing a few bead shows. And a few years after that we closed down our rug store and moved from Annapolis, MD to the eastern shore of NC for the slow life. The slow life has turned into a full time business with beads. Now our focus is almost exclusively hand made silver beads.

We work really hard to have the best quality and variety of beads for our customers.

Every year we travel to some part of Asia. We look for new and unusual items. We also meet with our producers and have models made of our new design ideas. We visit remote rural areas to collect amulets and beads. Three times we have been to visit the Bonda in a remote part of India. The Bonda women wear primarily beads like on our home page. It is very exciting.

Our Business Name

Na Bo Row is a compilation of our names:

Na for Nancy

Bo for Bob

Row for, well, Row

Na is pronounced to rhyme with ma and pa

Bo is pronounced to rhyme with go

Row is prounced like “row row row your boat.”

Also it sounds Asian.